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Zip-Up Ceilings and UnderDeck News

Extend The Scope Of Your Work: Finished Basements

A Perfect Way to Extend the Scope of Residential Jobs: Finish the Basement Ceiling with Zip-Up Ceiling  

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Oct 20 2015 // 11:07 am

Top 100 Products of 2015: Decks & Porches

Professional Remodeler Magazine

Top 100 Products of 2015:  Decks and Porches 

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Sep 17 2015 // 2:14 pm

Zip-Up Under Deck - A Perfect Way to Extend a Deck Job!

Bidding on a job to install a raised deck at a single family home, condo, town-house complex, or for other multi-family housing? Here’s a great way to help your proposal stand out from the competition and also i [...] Read More

Aug 24 2015 // 11:55 am

Welcome to our new blog!

This is the new blog for Zip-Up Ceilings and UnderDeck.

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Apr 13 2015 // 4:59 pm