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Zip-Up Ceiling Ontario, Canada

Expand Your Outdoor Living Space!

The Zip-Up UnderDeck® and Zip-Up Ceiling® Systems are revolutionizing the way people see ceilings! Designed with ease of installation and structural access in mind Zip-Up Systems not only assemble in less time than the competition, but are made to be removed allowing unprecedented for structural access and easy cleaning.

Zip-Up UnderDeck finishes the underside of your deck providing dry, useable outdoor living space without sacrificing headroom or the beauty of your deck. With the durability to withstand hurricane winds, Zip-Up UnderDeck combines the beauty of a finished looked with the functionality. The Zip-Up UnderDeck Systems unique interlocking design makes it water tight, allowing it to channel any water from above to your gutter system.

For ease of installation, durability, clean look from a washable mold resistant surface backed by a 25 year warranty make Zip-Up UnderDeck your choice for outdoor space you can live in!


144 Orkney Street East, Caledonia
Caledonia, Ontario N3W 1C5
Phone: (905) 765-6571
Mobile: (905) 869-6571
Email: zipup.on@gmail.com
Contact Name: Ralph
Website: ZipUpOntario.com